COVID-19 Update

COVID 19 - Our office has implemented the following guidelines to maintain the safety and well-being of our clients and our employees: 


  • Facemasks worn in designated areas of the building;
  • We maintain a six-foot distance from others;
  • We see clients by appointment only so that we only have one client in the building at a time;
  • We do more telephonic consultations and appointments;
  • We sanitize surfaces and seating between appointments; 
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the seating area; and
  • We can take payments by credit or debit card over the phone or online via a secure link.
    • Of course we still take cash, check, money order, and card in person or mail.


The COVID-19 public health crisis has presented a multitude of challenges to the Courts of this State. As the emergency caused by COVID-19 continues, our courts have had to make adjustments while fulfilling their constitutional mandate to remain open (Miss. Const., art 3, §24), accessible (Miss. Const., art 3, §25), and to protect the rights of every citizen of our state. (Miss. Const., art 3, §§ 5, 26, 26A). The Supreme Court has entered a series of emergency administrative orders to address the disruptive effect of COVID-19 upon our courts. Despite the dangers and inconveniences presented by COVID-19, our courts remain open and continue to administer justice. At every jurisdictional level, our judges have admirably served the citizens throughout this crisis. Despite the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent disruptions caused, judges continue to conduct proceedings, including trials. Despite their best efforts, case management and docket control have suffered due to COVID-19.

Some Judges are offering hearings to be held via Zoom from the attorney's office.

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